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A 《COVID》 Christmas Story

As a healthcare professional, I realized in the very height of this terrible pandemic that it was no longer IF I would get diagnosed with COVID but WHEN. My “when” finally came. The night before, I all of a sudden felt a way that I had never felt before. The pain in my body was so head ached in a way I cannot put into words. My skin hurt. Every inch of my body. I had chills that shook my body despite wearing flannel pajamas and being covered with two blankets. I knew...

The next day I went for testing. My fiancé tried all he could to encourage me but I knew what the outcome would be. I was terrified. I am a woman of faith and I am a woman of science- still terrified. I have seen what this terrible virus has done to so many. My first concern was my family. I know that for me, it is an occupational hazard but Lord knows I did not want to endanger my family and at this point I knew I had. I’d never been more afraid... not for myself, but for my former 23 weeker son who has BPD. For my loving fiancé who has dangerous comorbidities. For my staff and their families. It wasn’t just about me! This has been the narrative that we as healthcare professionals have been trying to bring to the forefront this entire time. My honey waited on me hand and foot all while making sure my sweet boy had some normalcy as routine is essential for him. As soon as I was strong enough however I sent him away... just couldn't risk it any longer. He didn't go without a fight though 😂

So here we are...quarantined. Quarantined at Christmas...somebody remind me to email the folks at Lifetime. So as if Christmas 2020 wasn’t already a bit of a downer, in true Alisha form I had to turn it up a notch lol No, seriously I’m truly grateful things are as well as they are. You see, my sweet Langston eventually tested positive as well but has literally only had sneezing and my honey continues to test negative. We remain grateful. Please wear your masks, wash your hands, avoid large gatherings PLEASE avoid large gatherings. I swear it’s not worth it. Wishing you a Merry COVID-FREE Christmas!

~The Multifaceted Mama Doc

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