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Christmas Cheer: The Bonus Edition

OK so listen… In mere months, I will be blessed to OFFICIALLY become Bonus Mom to 3 wonderful children. He does not have 3 children, I do not have one child, WE have 4 children. Anywho, our baby girl was adamant that she be included in the Christmas decorating so we made it happen. We only have them every other week- this was our weekend and we couldn't wait! Honey, she was so excited and we quickly got to work on planning our Christmas decorating weekend. I had done the other parts of the house a couple weeks ago but saved the loft/theater room for our family project. I had a virtual speaking engagement but promised we'd do it after. Well after my event I WAS EXHAUSTED... that adrenaline crash is a beast! I negotiated a nap (YAAASSSSSS for family nap time) in exchange for an exciting fun-filled evening and the kids obliged.

Once we got started I was SO PROUD of how cooperative they were and we made it through without any arguments (you know how life with siblings can be 😂) I continued the red and black buffalo plaid theme upstairs and again kept things pretty casual.

Most of my ornaments came from Dollar General- yes, you read that right!! They had suuupppeerr cute farmhouse decor this year. I mixed in some ornaments we had on hand and then added some keepsake ornaments as we decided this would be our family tree. I so love how this turned out and feel so blessed to have made such great memories.

After finishing the tree we had dinner then returned to the theater room for hot chocolate and Christmas movies (we chose The Polar Express and Home ). I thank God for these moments...small moments of innocence and fulfillment in the midst of chaos...

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