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The Art of LOVE

I don't have words to adequately express what it's like to plan a wedding during a pandemic... But more on that later. I was adamant about not having a bridal shower because- Pandemic but my girls insisted on celebrating me and promised they would do so as safely as possible. I finally agreed as long as they kept the guest list very small.

Everything was absolutely perfect. They did COVID testing upon entry (disclaimer: this only offers a LAYER of protection given possible incubation period so we still masked though 90% of attendees were fully vaccinated). We had "bougie lunchboxes"- individually packaged meals for guests and individually packaged desserts as well. We did remove masks briefly for pics however.

I felt so special and blessed to be honored with such an elegant and loving event. Some of the people I love most from different facets of my life were gathered to celebrate ME and it was absolutely perfect.

My planner LaDonna Ford wanted to do something different since I did not want a traditional bridal shower so she and my Matrons of Honor decided on an evening shower with a sexy and sophisticated vibe. The event was held at the GORGEOUS Canary Gallery- a hip and eclectic art gallery in Birmingham, AL. Guests were requested to wear cocktail attire and we spent the evening just hanging and drinking mimosas. It was a perfect Girls Night with a sprinkle of bridal shower here and there lol

The decor was perfect. The vibe was perfect. The ambiance was perfect. The day was perfect.

The Bride ( the attire-

The decór

The Sisterhood

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