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Miracles and Milestones

is written from the heart of a micropreemie Mom battling 2 personalities:  Mommy and Physician.  It tells of the physical, emotional and psychological struggles experienced in the NICU. 


From the heart of Langston's Mommy

Dr. Alisha Thompson Congress

is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, best selling author, blogger, mentor, speaker, and most importantly- Mommy to Langston Miles.

Born and raised in Hueytown, Alabama, Dr. Congress currently runs a hospital based clinic at the hospital at which she was born. Talk about full circle! She has overcome various obstacles on her journey but is grateful to be able to use those life experiences to encourage, inspire, and motivate others. Dr. Congress is a proud graduate of Talladega College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology.


She later attended medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. As mentioned, Dr. Congress is the mother of Langston who is a former 23 weeker micropreemie. As a result of her experiences, she has started a company and blog- Miracles and MILEStones, LLC to provide support to NICU parents- most especially working NICU parents. Most recently, she released her first solo book “Miracles and Milestones” which chronicles her journey in the NICU as a physician Mom.

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